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To access the Hospitals published charges please follow this link to the Office Of Health Care Access website.


Billing & Insurance

Your hospitalization coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. Waterbury Hospital will cooperate to the fullest to expedite your claim, but you should remember that some hospitalization plans do not pay for all charges and the balances due are your responsibility. We will, whenever possible, verify your insurance coverage, and inform you of any balance due, before you are admitted.

We request that deductibles, co-insurance payments and other patient due balances be paid at the time of admission for all pre-verified elective and One-Day Surgery patients.

Non-covered, elective admissions, or One-Day Surgery procedures, will require a deposit prior to admission. A financial counselor will notify you in advance. In the case of urgent and emergency admissions, your insurance will also be verified. Either you, or a member of your family, will be informed of any estimated patient due balances prior to discharge.

Payment arrangements on any potential balance will be set up with a financial counselor at the time of your discharge. Financial counselors are available to assist you with any forms or questions.

We urge you to bring all insurance cards and forms with you at the time of admission in order to expedite your claim.

Medicare Patients

Reimbursement to Waterbury Hospital for Medicare recipients is based on your diagnosis, regardless of the total charges. Medicare patients are responsible for the inpatient deductibles, co-insurance payments for stays beyond 60 days, and the cost of items and services that Medicare does not cover.

We will notify you by mail of your account status and any co-insurance or deductible amounts due from you. You are expected to pay any remaining balance, once Medicare makes its payment.

Managed Care & Self-Pay Patients

Many insurance companies, particularly managed care plans and HMOs, require second opinions and pre-certification prior to hospital admission. In many cases, patients themselves must notify the insurance company.

Please check with your insurance health plan in order to avoid any confusion. You may incur large penalties for which you will be responsible if you fail to comply.

You are responsible for resolving any disputes with your insurance health plan. If you are unable to pay your bill promptly or foresee financial problems, Waterbury Hospital will assist you in making payment arrangements.

Self-pay patients (patients who expect to pay the entire bill themselves) should make arrangements in advance by contacting Patient Financial Services. Every consideration will be made to assist you in arranging a payment plan that meets your financial needs.

If You Have a Problem Paying Your Bill

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please call (203) 573-7116 or visit our Patient Financial Services Department, which is located on the ground floor (adjacent to the main lobby).

Financial counseling services are provided by our Customer Service Representatives. They will help you determine if you qualify for assistance through various state, federal and Hospital programs, including Free Bed Funds. Representatives also handle any billing-related questions or issues and can assist you in setting up payment arrangements on open balances.

The Cashier Window is located in the Patient Financial Services area and is open Monday through Friday form 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Waterbury Hospital accepts cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

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