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To access the Hospitals published charges please follow this link to the Office Of Health Care Access website.


As a Patient, Your Responsibilities are…

To cooperate with all Hospital staff and to ask questions if any information is not understood.

To ask your doctor or nurse what to expect regarding pain management, pain relief options, unrelieved pain, and any concerns you may have about pain.

To be considerate of other patients and to see that your visitors are considerate as well.

To provide information needed to process your insurance claims properly and to pay your bill as quickly as possible.

To be respectful of other people’s property and the property of the Hospital.

To follow all Hospital rules and regulations and to see that your visitors do likewise.

To help Hospital staff protect your personal belongings.

To follow the treatment plan you and your doctor make together and to report any changes in your condition.

To provide information to doctors and hospital staff about what actions you would like taken if you can no longer communicate for yourself (a copy of your advance directive).

Please contact Patient Advocate, Natalie Jackson, at 203-573-7101 for more details on the Hospital’s grievance process.


Teletypewriter (TTY) users may call 203-573-7570 to register their complaint.