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“This program was remarkable. What I liked about it the most – and just to let you know I can’t believe I’m saying this – was learning…” – A Youth Pipeline Summer Bridge Student

Mentors Wilby Team PhotoSince the Youth Pipeline Initiative was established in 2001 as a partnership between Waterbury Hospital and Waterbury Public Schools, its mission has remained the same: to close the achievement gap for minority and economically disadvantaged students in Waterbury so they can matriculate and compete nationally for placement in post-secondary education programs in preparation for health careers. We take pride in helping students realize their potential as they embark on their academic and personal journeys. To this end, during 2012, Waterbury Hospital provided over 400 students and parents in Greater Waterbury with unique educational programs that enhance the overall welfare of our community.

All programs are offered free-of-charge to participants.

The Youth Pipeline Initiative is a multifaceted series with six focus areas:

Providing Early Acquaintance with Careers in Healthcare (PEACH)  

Since its inception in 2004, Waterbury Hospital’s PEACH Program has engaged administrators, teachers, and students at Waterbury’s North End Middle School and West Side Middle School to address the projected shortage of healthcare workers in the area and to close the achievement gap for students in Waterbury Public Schools. Through the program, students engage with healthcare workers in a non-emergency setting and are informed of the variety of healthcare careers available in our community. Each spring, over 150 seventh graders from North End Middle School and West Side Middle School take part in a day-long PEACH tour at Waterbury Hospital, during which they visit at least six hospital departments and complete hands-on learning activities with hospital staff.

Spring Break Program

Spring BreakWaterbury Hospital also offers a three-day Spring Break Exploration Camp for 30 middle school students from Greater Waterbury. Activities include: Hands-on clinical activities with surgical and medical residents; CPR certification; Job-shadowing; and a field trip to the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport.


Summer Bridge Program 

During the summer of 2012, 28 local students completed our annual Summer Bridge Program, which provided them with a six-week, comprehensive program in SAT Math, SAT English, Vocabulary, Job readiness, and Job shadowing in more than 20 Hospital departments. The program served students from the Greater Waterbury area, as well as children of Waterbury Hospital employees.

Of his job shadowing experience in the Finance Department, 2012 student Latrell Powell noted:

“…For while I was in financial management, I had learned more knowledge in an instant than I have learned over the course of the whole day, because these people had expressed their career with a passion that was immeasurable, as they talked about numbers and budgets, it was something that had truly blown me away.”

Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI) 

In 2012, twenty nine individuals from Greater Waterbury successfully completed the program. Waterbury Hospital has hosted PLTI since 2000, and the program has trained and graduated over 190 area parents. PLTI’s core mission is to impart leadership and advocacy skills to parents while simultaneously educating them about volunteerism, civic life, and the process by which state and local governments enact and change laws. PLTI is a program of the CT Commission on Children.

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Youth Pipeline Coordinator
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Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (PSEE) 

Parents Supporting Educational Excellence is a civics leadership initiative providing strategies and tools to prepare parents, grandparents and guardians to build leadership skills. The focus is to enable change in educational policies and practices through partnerships with schools, thus improving education for all children. In the spring of 2012, 13 individuals from Greater Waterbury graduated from the program. PSEE is a program of the CT Commission on Children and the CT Center for School Change.

People Empowering People (PEP)

The People Empowering People Program is a personal and family development program with a strong community focus. The program builds upon individual life experiences and strengths to encourage growth in communication and problem solving skills, parent/family relationships and community involvement. PEP is a program of the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension System.

For more information about the Youth Pipeline Initiatives, please contact the Grants Department by phone at (203) 573-7012 or by email at

Waterbury Health Access Program

Waterbury Hospital is aware of the economic needs many uninsured and underinsured residents in our community, and, as a result, we remain committed to the Waterbury Health Access Program. Founded in 2003 with Federal funding and as a partnership between Waterbury Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, StayWell Health Center (FQHC), the Waterbury Health Department, and the Waterbury Medical Association, the Waterbury Health Access Program improves access to high-quality medical care by providing comprehensive case management, healthcare navigation, pharmacy assistance, and access to primary and sub-specialty medical care for the uninsured and underinsured residents of the Greater Waterbury region. During 2011, the Waterbury Health Access Program had over 3,600 active clients. Additionally, during Waterbury Hospital’s FY 2011, the organization provided $397,785.00 worth of donated services to WHAP’s patients.

For more information about the Waterbury Health Access Program, please contact the program office by phone at (203) 573-7681.

Waterbury Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic: A Commitment to Excellence

Background: The Waterbury Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic (WHIC) was established in 2003 with Ryan White Part C EIS funding. Since then, WHIC has made significant strides in building a multidisciplinary team of clinical and administrative staff to provide high-quality care to Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in our region. The WHIC is the largest HIV primary care clinic in Northwest Connecticut, serving over 450 active PLWHA annually. Our team includes three physicians board-certified in Infectious Disease and Internal Medicine (one in Pediatrics), an APRN, Medication Adherence Nurses, a Registered Nurse, a Registered Dietician, medical case managers, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, a mental health counselor, a substance abuse counselor, a trained outreach worker, and a psychiatrist. The WHIC’s “one-stop shopping” clinic model provides vital medical and psychosocial services.

Forging Community Partnerships:  Since 2009, the WHIC has served as the Lead Agency for Ryan White Part A Federal funding for Region 2 of the New Haven/Fairfield Eligible Metropolitan Area. The WHIC was chosen as Lead Agency by the consensus of other local Ryan White Part A agencies due to its expertise in patient care and fiscal management. As the Lead Agency, the WHIC has formed longstanding partnerships with StayWell Health Center, Inc., Hispanos Unidos, Inc., New Opportunities, Inc., Recovery Network of Programs, Inc., Connecticut Counseling Centers, Inc., and the Waterbury Health Department, all of whom work alongside the WHIC to provide patients in the region with:

  • Primary care
  • Oral health care
  • Health insurance assistance
  • Mental health
  • Medical transportation
  • Food pantry


  • Medical case management
  • Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment
  • Early intervention services
  • Housing assistance
  • Emergency financial assistance



For the past 10 years, the WHIC has partnered with Yale University’s Project TRANSITIONS, a program that integrates substance abuse treatment and contingency management into a comprehensive jail release program for PLWHA. Through this partnership, Yale funds a Substance Abuse Counselor and Medical Case Manager, both of whom are Spanish speaking and located on-site at the WHIC.

Reshaping HIV Testing Statewide: Since 2008, patients visiting Waterbury Hospital’s Emergency Department have been offered free HIV testing while waiting to be evaluated or treated for other symptoms. Patients in the Emergency Department now have to opt out of testing. The program has successfully served as a model for other healthcare institutions across the state. Thanks, in part, to WHIC’s leadership, the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health no longer requires providers to have a separate consent form for HIV testing.

Engaging Patients:  In 2009, the WHIC established its Peer Advocate program. Three patients from the Clinic serve as the Peer Advocates, who work with clients at the Clinic and use a Social Networks Strategy to bring difficult-to-reach clients in for testing and/or care; they have traveled to high-risk neighborhoods on the Waterbury Health Department’s Community Health Van to offer counseling and testing and have participated in AIDS Awareness Days to facilitate the linkage of newly diagnosed patients to primary care. Peer Advocates participate in the WHIC’s CARE Team and continuum meetings to keep providers and local partners aware of the patients’ activities and needs.

The WHIC offers patients nationally-recognized peer and support programs, including Project Photography, which was established in 2007 to encourage non-compliant patients in the Greater Waterbury Area to become more proactive in the self-management of their disease. Project Photography has positively transformed its participant’s self-esteem and confidence. Patient projects have included enrolling in photography classes at Naugatuck Valley Community College; taking field trips to Boston; donating framed photographs to the hospital’s annual fundraising gala; producing holiday greeting cards for the hospital; creating team portraits at the hospital’s fundraising golf tournament; and constructing photography exhibits at the hospital, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and Silas Bronson Library in Waterbury.

Current Services: The WHIC’s comprehensive “one-stop shopping” model provides patients with on-site primary and specialty services, medical case management, individualized medication adherence services, mental health and substance abuse services, nutrition counseling, individualized HIV education, laboratory testing, and radiology services. In 2011, WHIC served over 470 PLWHA.

The WHIC’s staff members actively participate in statewide and area collaborations, such as the Connecticut HIV Planning Consortium (CHPC) and the Ryan White Part A Planning Council. WHIC also facilitates the Greater Waterbury HIV Consortium. WHIC has a very active Consumer Advisory Group (CAG), which organizes social and testing events for the community and facilitates the Waterbury Hospital Photography Group.

The WHIC also boasts a Hepatitis C clinic, run by an Advanced Practitioner Nurse. From October 2004 to Present, at least 150 Hepatitis C mono- and co-infected (Hepatitis C and HIV) have been evaluated at the ID Clinic. The Hepatitis C clinic provides a consultation with a nutritionist to advise on healthy eating; coordination with mental health services; and educational sessions on side effect management, the importance of hydration and adherence, and positive coping strategies.

For more information about the Waterbury Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic, please contact the Clinic by phone at (203) 574-4187.

Chase Diabetes Disease Management Clinic

The Chase Diabetes Disease Management (DDM) Clinic is a free clinic located at Chase Outpatient Center at Waterbury Hospital. DDM affords diabetes patients with individualized, comprehensive case management through a multidisciplinary team of professionals by providing intense education and self-management skill training in order to improve their quality of life. The team meets every Wednesday to develop treatment plans for new patients and to collaborate on the progress of existing patients.

For more information on the Chase DDM Clinic, please contact the Chase Outpatient Center by phone at (203) 573-7284.