Volunteer Services

Richard_MainMeet Richard:

Richard Johnson of Prospect began coming to Waterbury Hospital as a cardiac rehab patient following heart bypass surgery in Bridgeport in 2003. At just 71, Johnson said he began visiting heart patients in the hospital as a volunteer. In 2004 began volunteering five days a week.

“I just like to interact with people,” Johnson said.

Johnson was born at Waterbury Hospital and grew up on Reidville Drive in Waterbury. He served in the U.S. Navy in active duty and reserves for eight years and then worked for Southern New England Telephone Company for 32 years before retiring. He lives with his wife of 60 years and loves his volunteer work. He gets to interact with patients and employees and other volunteers. It’s his way of giving back to a place and a community he loves.

Every day Waterbury Hospital depends greatly upon its volunteers. Ranging in age from 14 years old to 90+, our volunteers provide essential, supplementary and complimentary services to patients, families, visitors and staff. The Volunteer Services department is designed to augment and enhance the delivery of health care services provided by Waterbury Hospital.

A wide variety of opportunities are available, including:

  • Auxiliary Gift Shop
  • Discharge Team
  • Magazine Cart
  • Information Desk
  • Patient Representative
  • Office Assistance

Consider Becoming a volunteer