What is Planned Giving and “The Society for Tomorrow?





What is “Planned Giving”?


“Planned Giving”, or “estate planning”, is simply making plans today for something that will happen tomorrow. It is planning for the distribution of what we own, and is including in our plans “charitable intent”, as well as providing for those whom we love.


What is “The Society for Tomorrow”?


“The Society for Tomorrow” at Waterbury Hospital is composed of people who have included the hospital in their estate plans, and have informed the hospital of that decision.


These may be people of considerable means or, far more commonly, of modest means. Regardless, they have all recognized the importance of providing for the future of their community hospital, and are all committed to the availability of excellence in health care for everyone in our region.


The Society for Tomorrow draws it name from the recognition that all bequests of estate gifts (“planned” gifts) will either assist the hospital year after year in perpetuity, or will support a major hospital need at the time the gift is realized. The donor chooses both what to support, and how to support it. In every case, the donor has contributed in a significant way to a stronger Waterbury Hospital for years to come.


Unless they request anonymity, The Society for Tomorrow members are recognized for their generosity and foresight to Waterbury Hospital in each of the hospital’s Annual Reports.