Chemical Dependence & Dual-Diagnosis Services

Addiction Services

The Road to Recovery

West Main Behavioral Health (WMBH) is for people wishing to engage in active substance-abuse or dual-diagnosis treatment. Our program offers a range of options for people who have problems with alcohol, opiates, cocaine, cannabis, sedatives and other substances.

The treatment team consists of Nurses, Substance abuse counselors, and physicians. Our multi-dimensional approach to chemical dependency incorporates medical, behavioral, motivational and harm-reduction strategies.

Services Offered include:

Medically supervised outpatient Detoxification.

Intensive outpatient and partial hospital programs for people in the early phases of their recovery, including on-site 12-step groups.

Morning and evening programs.

Outpatient Relapse Prevention Groups.

Psychiatric Evaluation and ongoing treatment for individuals with both chemical dependence and psychiatric diagnoses.

Treatment of opiate dependence, including Suboxone® (Buprenorphine/Naloxone). Both maintenance and detoxification regimens are available.

Help with smoking cessation.

Coordination of care with other physicians, practitioners, and agencies with a strong focus on addressing active medical problems and social issues.

West Main Behavioral Health of Waterbury Hospital offers a range of recovery based options for people with chemical abuse and dependence. Individuals who have co-occurring psychiatric disorders, are also welcome.

At WMBH we want to support your decision to break free from chemical dependence. Our staff has the experience to help you move forward with this important goal, in a non-judgmental, supportive and real way.

To schedule an appointment.

West Main Behavioral Health accepts most commercial insurances, as well as Medicare, Medicaid (Title XIX) and State Assistance (SAGA). Intake appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday. To learn more about the program and to speak with one of our nurses call Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m..

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