Breastfeeding Classes

The decision to Breastfeed is probably the best investment you can make in your baby’s future. It is a personal decision and learning everything you can before your baby is born helps to ensure your success.
Our Prenatal Breastfeeding Class is a 3 hour class, where you will learn about:
* How you make milk,
* How to get started,
* How to know your baby is doing well,
* How to choose a breast pump,
* How to transition back to work or school,
* Breastfeeding community resources.  Class format is open for questions and answers. Partners or support person is welcome. Please contact us at 860-919-5320 for fees schedules and information.

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2014 Breastfeeding Class Schedule
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Breastfeeding classes are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Childbirth Preparation Class

Our “Childbirth Prep” class is a weekly (or weekend) series of classes covering topics concerning prenatal, labor, delivery and post partum issues for the expectant mother and her coach. Each week a new topic is addressed as well as review of some of the previous week’s subject matter.

Participating in this class will provide you with an understanding of the physiology of pregnancy and all its wonderful expectations by teaching you the methods and choices to achieve this knowledge. A tour of our Birthing Center is offered as part of the class curriculum.

We are here to help you prepare for the most important event in your life.
Thank you for letting us share in this event…

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2014 Childbirth Preparation Class Schedule
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Infant Care Class

Infant Care class conducted at Waterbury Hospital will provide first time parents/care givers with basic knowledge of infant care. General infant appearance, physiological appearance and changes, feeding patterns and schedules as well as infant bathing, immunization schedule and car seat safety are some of the topics discussed in this 2 hour class.  Building your Confidence in Caring for your Newborn at home.

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 2014 Infant Care Class Schedule
Please call 203-573-7219 to Register