The Joint Replacement Center

Welcome to the Joint Replacement Center at Waterbury Hospital On Line where you’ll find comprehensive information regarding hip and knee replacement surgery. Our surgeons and staff specialize in innovative surgical treatment for patients with hip and knee joints damaged by arthritis. We are actively developing new, more effective methods of evaluating and treating patients and take pride in providing the highest quality care.

Kristaps J. Keggi, M.D. Director

John M. Keggi, M.D. Assistant Director

Our goal is maximum recovery of hip and knee joint function.

Hip Replacement

Hip Anatomy

What causes hip pain?

Knee Replacement

Knee Anatomy

 What causes knee pain?

Hip Treatment Options:

Non-Surgical Options

Surgical Options

Knee Treatment Options:

Non-Surgical Options

Surgical Options


Rehabilitation after Hip Replacement

Rehabilitation after Knee Replacement


Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery Risks of  

 Knee Replacement Surgery

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