For more information about the Waterbury Hospital Infectious Disease Clinic, please contact the Clinic by phone at (203) 574-4187.

The WHIC’s comprehensive “one-stop shopping” model provides patients with on-site primary and specialty services, medical case management, individualized medication adherence services, mental health and substance abuse services, nutrition counseling, individualized HIV education, laboratory testing, and radiology services. Annually, WHIC serves over 450 PLWHA.

The WHIC’s staff members actively participate in statewide and area collaborations, such as the Connecticut HIV Planning Consortium (CHPC) and the Ryan White Part A Planning Council. WHIC also facilitates the Greater Waterbury HIV Consortium. WHIC has a very active Consumer Advisory Group (CAG), which organizes social and testing events for the community and facilitates the Waterbury Hospital Photography Group.

The WHIC also boasts a Hepatitis C clinic, run by an Advanced Practitioner Nurse. From October 2004 to Present, at least 150 Hepatitis C mono- and co-infected (Hepatitis C and HIV) have been evaluated at the ID Clinic. The Hepatitis C clinic provides a consultation with a nutritionist to advise on healthy eating; coordination with mental health services; and educational sessions on side effect management, the importance of hydration and adherence, and positive coping strategies.