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"Waterbury Health Matters"
 Waterbury Hospital's monthly radio show on WATR 1320AM.
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The warm weather is finally here, and that means that more and more people are heading outside to get back into their exercise regimens or take up favorite activities like hiking or tennis or bicycling. But people, especially those nearing their senior years, need to be careful not to overdo it. Join us for a discussion with Dr. Lee Rubin, a Waterbury Hospital orthopaedic surgeon who frequently sees patients with exercise-related joint problems. Dr. Rubin talks about “Boomeritis,” a term given for people in the Baby Boom Generation, now in their 50s and 60s, who like to maintain the active lifestyle of their younger years but now may need to be more cautious. After a long winter in which many people had to forego their exercise regimens, Dr. Rubin recommends gradually returning to an active routine, including lots of stretching and low-impact exercises such as walking, before jumping into more strenuous activities.  (Download)


Everyone knows that children need regularly scheduled immunizations, but there are many immunizations recommended for adults as well. Join us for a discussion on adult immunizations with Dr. Jennifer Ongchin, an internal medicine specialist with Alliance Medical Group’s primary care office in Woodbury. Dr. Ongchin talks about the various vaccinations and immunizations that are recommended for adults, including the influenza vaccine and the Tdap vaccine, while dispelling many of the myths associated with immunizations and vaccinations. (Download)


Lung cancer is a diagnosis that everyone dreads, but thanks to the latest advances in technology, it is now possible to detect lung cancer without requiring major surgery. Waterbury Hospital is now taking advantage of Endobronchial Ultrasound, or EBUS, technology, to locate cancerous cells in the lungs without significant surgery. Join us for a discussion on lung cancer and the benefits offered by EBUS technology with Dr. Robert McDonald of Pulmonary Associates of Waterbury, a Waterbury Hospital pulmonary specialist who has been using the EBUS technology with great success. (Download)

Be On the Lookout for Diabetes Diabetes is fast becoming one of the most endemic and problematic health issues in the country today. Join us for a discussion on diabetes with Matthew Velsmid, MD, an internal medicine specialist with Alliance Medical Group in Middlebury who frequently treats diabetic patients and counsels them on the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet. Dr. Velsmid talks about what causes diabetes in the body, and how an unhealthy diet can contribute to an excess of sugars in the blood. He also talks about the many medications that are available to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and the possibility of overcoming diabetes with a healthy lifestyle.  (Download) 1.20.2011
Tis the Season to Take Precautions  - Against Cold Weather and Holiday Indulgences. Winter weather has set in and the Holiday Season is upon us, so it’s time to take sensible steps to avoid illnesses and other common ailments associated with colder temperatures, as well as the problems that can result from overeating or over-indulging in holiday cheer. Join us in an engaging discussion with Dr. Christopher Michos, Chairman of the Emergency Department at Waterbury Hospital, who reminds us that this season can best be enjoyed by staying warm, staying active and keeping things in moderation.   (Download)


Foot Deformities and Other Painful Conditions - Anyone who has ever suffered the pain and discomfort associated with foot deformities and diseases will be sure to receive a thorough education about the various causes of such conditions as well as the best treatments available, on this podcast of the Nov. 18, 2010 broadcast of the Waterbury Health Matters program. The program features an extensive discussion of a wide variety of foot deformities and other ailments with Robert Matusz, DPM, of Naugatuck Podiatry Associates, a Waterbury Hospital-affiliated podiatrist who has been treating patients in the region for over 30 years.  (Download) 11.18.2010
Millions of American women - suffer from symptoms related to hormonal imbalances. Learn how to treat and even eliminate symptoms associated with PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause thru Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Lily-Marie Blecher of Natural Health Associates in Hamden will share her insights on this topic.  (Download) 10.19.2010
Medical Home Model - Mike Elser, MD, an internal medicine practitioner with Alliance Medical in Naugatuck, discusses the Medical Home Model, also known as Patient Centered Medical Practice. The Medical Home Model is a team-based model of patient care led by a personal physician who provides continuous and coordinated care throughout a patient’s lifetime to maximize health outcomes.  (Download) 09.16.10

Pain & Symptom Management - Waterbury Hospital is one of only three hospitals in the state of Connecticut offering new Pain and Symptom Management services. Cristina Tamasden, MD, hospitalist and pain and palliative care specialist at Waterbury Hospital and Rachel Lovins, MD, Director of the Hospitalist Program at Waterbury Hospital, will introduce this specialized treatment for patients suffering from acute, chronic or severe pain – including cancer-related pain and non-malignant pain. Waterbury Hospital offers these services to patients in order to improve the quality of life of patients and families by helping them to identify and resolve physical, emotional and psychological issues.            (Download)       


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