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Infectious Disease

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The specialty of Infectious Disease involves the diagnosis and treatment of the whole range of infections, including viruses, bacteria, tuberculosis, fungi, and parasites that may involve any organ system in the body or the patient as a whole. In addition, as Infectious Disease physicians, we are often called upon to help evaluate patients with fever in order to determine whether the source is secondary to infection or a non-infectious cause such as due to medications, tumors, or autoimmune disease.

Our Infectious Disease specialists have training which includes four years of medical school, a year of internship, two or three years of residency training in Internal Medicine, and another two or three years of specialty training in Infectious Diseases.  Our Infectious Disease specialists view their responsibility as diagnosing and treating individual patients with fever or infection, they believe we have a responsibility to the community as a whole in terms of keeping the Hospital environment safe, and optimizing the health of the community at large.

Services include:

  • Outpatient antibiotic therapy
  • Diagnosis and treatment of HIV
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis C
  • Diagnosis and management of a whole range of infections
  • Medication adherence nurse
  • Nutrition services

Travel Medicine

The Alliance Medical Group Travel and Immunization Clinic is a comprehensive preventive healthcare service for travelers planning trips abroad. The Travel Clinic provides immunizations, health-related travel information and safety tips in preparation for taking that overseas adventure.

The Travel Clinic is run by board-certified specialists in Infectious Disease.

Travel Clinic participates with most insurance companies, pending health plan approval. Office visits are scheduled by appointment only and consultations consist of:

  • Discussion of specific travel plans
  • Review of traveler's medical and vaccination history
  • Itinerary-based prevention of specific infectious diseases and other illnesses through vaccines and prescription medications
  • Update of routine vaccinations and/or boosters accordingly
  • Education on other preventive measures to assure a safe trip

Our Infectious Disease/Travel Medicine specialists are located at Chase Outpatient Center, 160 Robbins Street.

Samuel Pan, MD

Steven Aronin, MD

Fahmida McGann, DO