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Orthopedic Surgery Center

At Waterbury Hospital, we offer progressive treatments and innovative approaches to orthopedic programs and surgeries that address all forms of injury and ailment to the musculoskeletal system. Whether a patient is a young athlete eager to return to the lineup or a retiree determined to regain mobility diminished by age, our goal is to maximize function and help our patients get back to their lives more quickly.

Through a multidisciplinary team, which includes surgery, pain and rehabilitation experts, we provide a full array of services – from non-surgical pain management of minor afflictions to more advanced, minimally invasive procedures for correcting major injuries and skeletal deformities.

Our team provides the latest in surgical techniques, medical approaches, imaging technology, pain management, state-of-the-art materials, rehabilitation therapies and prevention measures to ensure that every patient has the best possible outcome.

More than 2,000 surgical procedures (TOTAL of all procedures) are performed annually in the following specialty areas: