Cardiac Team

For more than 30 years, Waterbury Hospital has been providing world-class cardiology care, right here at home. The Heart and Valve Center offers the Greater Waterbury community patient-centered, evidence-based care for any heart-related needs.

Our multi-disciplinary team of cardiac specialists takes a proactive approach for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heart conditions. We provide convenient, local access to a wealth of resources and the latest, most sophisticated treatments to help our patients return to a healthy, active life.

The Heart and Valve Center at Waterbury Hospital works in conjunction with the Cardiology Associates of Greater Waterbury (CAGW) to provide our patients with a comprehensive set of cardiac services that cover every stage of care. Waterbury Hospital has been designated a Blue Distinction Center+ for Cardiac Care® by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which recognizes our commitment to quality care that results in better overall outcomes for cardiac patients.

  • Interventional Cardiology: The Heart and Valve Center at Waterbury Hospital provides patients with the option to undergo non-surgical or minimally invasive procedures to treat cardiovascular disease when possible. Our interventional cardiologists use diagnostic techniques along with technical procedures and medications to treat heart conditions.
    • Cardiac catheterization: Procedure that inserts a thin tube into a large blood vessel leading to the heart in order to examine how well the heart is working. Along with right and left heart catheterization, we offer percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), also known as coronary angioplasty. This non-surgical procedure improves blood flow to the heart by inflating a balloon in a blocked artery.
    • Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR): Minimally invasive procedure to treat aortic stenosis, a type of heart valve disease, that inserts a new valve by placing it inside the old, damaged valve.
    • Heart pump: The Impella® ventricular support system is designed to help pump blood in patients who require short-term assistance. The device, which is small enough to pass through a catheter, can help those with severe heart failure.
    • Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP): Device consisting of a thin, flexible tube with a long balloon at the end that helps the heart pump more blood. IABP therapy is used to treat cardiogenic shock, which occurs when the heart can’t pump enough blood to meet the needs of the body.

Contact Information:

The Heart and Valve Center at Waterbury Hospital
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Waterbury, CT 06708
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Cardiology Associates of Greater Waterbury
455 Chase Parkway
Waterbury, CT 06708
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