Patient Stories

Nicole_Manetti_smGoing to the beach with her kids had become a dream for Nicole Mannetti.

She was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, just before she turned 15. For about 10 years her disease was easily managed with pills but after the birth of her two children the disease became very aggressive.

By 2015, the mother of two young children said she was missing out on so much. She didn’t have the energy to do things with her children and could not get more than a few minutes away from home.

“I felt as if I really missed out on a lot in life," Nicol said. "I was constantly worrying where the nearest bathroom was and would avoid long car rides. A flare up could not be predicted so I was constantly cancelling last minute plans. I had about 12 blood transfusions over a few years.”

Her life was changed with robotic surgery by Dr. John Zhang.

Precision of the robot and the skill of Dr. Zhang have already had life-altering results for Nicole.

“She can be like any other normal person,” Dr. Zhang said.

“Recovery was easier than I expected. I have scars that aren't even a quarter of an inch big. I was able to return to work and go back to a normal lifestyle within about four weeks. I've never enjoyed my life more than I have since this surgery.  I no longer miss any of my kids’ activities. I never realized how much chronic pain I was in until after the surgery. I now value being able to do all the little things I felt like I always missed out on. I feel like a better mother and wife,” Nicole said.