Special Care Nursery


Waterbury Hospital Special Care Nursery is a Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) staffed by Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital (YNHCH) neonatologists, specially trained NICU nurses and lactation counselors to support any newborn requiring intensive care including premature babies starting at 28-weeks gestation. Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital’s neonatal specialists care for patients in the NICU and will also provide well-visit services to infants born at Waterbury Hospital. The Waterbury Hospital Special Care Nursery is part of the YNHCH Neonatal Network, which includes four other neonatal intensive care units in Connecticut.

Dr. Yeisid Gozzo is Medical Director for the NICU and as Chair of Pediatrics for Waterbury Hospital.


We encourage parents to spend as much time with their newborns as possible. Most babies can be held even with special equipment. You will be able to touch your baby while he or she is an isolette.

Our staff can teach you bonding techniques such as “kangaroo care”, in which the baby is placed on your bare chest for skin to skin contact.

Transition Rooms

Parents and family members may use special transition rooms when visiting the baby. The rooms are available for parents to stay overnight with their baby in preparation for discharge.