Outpatient Services

10/15/2015 Alliance

Waterbury Hospital and Waterbury HEALTH offer comprehensive outpatient services in locations across the region.

Behavioral Health – a number of behavioral health programs are available for children and adolescents, addiction services, and the elderly. For more information: call (203) 575-7097

Cancer – Cancer care is delivered by a multi-disciplinary group of experts specializing in cancer. In partnership with the Harold Leever Regional Cancer Center, we provide the most current treatment options. For more information: call (203) 575-5555

Cardiac Testing – Routine and state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures to evaluate cardiovascular and pulmonary functions and to identify any issues or conditions that may require treatment are offered at both the Cardiac Diagnostic Center, 455 Chase Parkway and on the hospital’s main campus. For more information: call (203) 578-3940

Cardiology Associates of Greater Waterbury – Our practice specializes in a full range of cardiac issues—from prevention, intervention, and non-invasive testing—and offers convenient, local “one stop” care and services for patients and their families.   Specialized cardiovascular therapy is also available in partnership with the Heart Center of Greater Waterbury. For more information: call (203) 573-1435

Home Care – Home health care services are available through VNA Health at Home Inc. For more information call: (860) 274-7531

Laboratory Services – Waterbury Hospital provides comprehensive laboratory serves in seven locations around the region. For more information and a listing of the sites, please click here.

Neuro-Diagnostic Services:
Neuro-Diagnostic Services – Waterbury Hospital provides Electroencephalogram [EEG]. For an appointment call (203) 573-7188.

Outpatient Diagnostic & Imaging Centers – Waterbury Hospital offers diagnostic and imaging services both in the hospital and in three locations in the region. For more information call: (203) 573-7124

Outpatient Medical Therapies – Waterbury Hospital provides services for blood transfusions and blood products, intravenous biologic therapies, and other IV medications. For more information call: (860) 274-7531

Physicians – physician services are available through Alliance Medical Group in in locations throughout the Greater Waterbury Region. For more information, call (203) 573 -9512

Cardiologists – For more information: call (203) 578-3940

Primary Care/Internal Medicine Services – For more information, call (203) 573 -9512

Specialty Care – For more information, call (203) 573 -9512

Rehabilitation Services – Access Rehab Centers, a partnership between Waterbury Hospital and Easter Seals, provides a full array of outpatient physical, occupational, and speech therapy services in 11 locations throughout the region. For more information and locations click here.