Don't put your health on hold.

See how Waterbury HEALTH is making sure it’s safe to take care of yourself.

We know you might be putting off going to the doctor or the hospital right now. Please remember, your health, even your life, can depend on getting care when you need it. Don’t miss another appointment, test or screening. And go the doctor, emergency department or hospital if you don’t feel well. We’re ready for you. We want you to come. And it’s safe to do so.

Here are some of the safety measures we’ve taken at Waterbury Hospital and all our outpatient facilities:

Patient safety is our number one priority and we want you all to feel safe and confident during your visit. As our patient, you can expect that if you visit in person:

  • Your temperature will be checked at the front door.
  • Our offices are thoroughly sanitized and cleaned.
  • Our staff and patients will be wearing masks.
  • Social distancing is strictly enforced in all waiting rooms.

It’s important for you to know that we will also be actively monitoring temperatures and screening for all of our colleagues.


If you are scheduled for surgery or procedure at Waterbury Hospital please know that we have put additional measures in place to help keep you and our colleagues safe:

  • COVID-19 Testing of patients 48 to 72 hours prior to surgery or procedure
  • Testing of our colleagues for COVID-19
  • We’ve implemented COVID-19 clean zones
  • Separate entrance and procedures for outpatient surgery
  • Visitor restrictions remain in place
  • Hand hygiene and personal protective equipment protocols are strictly enforced

Don’t delay emergency care. Please come to the Emergency Department or call 911. Here are some additional precautions we’ve taken to keep you safe:

  • All patients are screened for COVID-19 symptoms
  • All patients and staff are required to wear a mask at all times
  • All staff is screened daily for symptoms
  • Exam rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected according to all state and federal guidelines
  • Visitation is limited in order to protect patients and staff

Waterbury HEALTH is leading the way in the use of technology to provide safe specialty healthcare to our patients. Waterbury HEALTH affiliate Alliance Medical Group offers an innovative and convenient way to visit your physician using your tablet or mobile phone.

This service, offered through a platform called, gives you a convenient way to visit your physician without leaving your home. The provider and can communicate on a computer or mobile phone.  The call is completed through video and audio and the platform is very easy to use for both patient and provider.

Please call us on the phone to set up a telehealth visit.

Find the phone number your favorite Alliance Medical Group physician here

Find the number of Cardiology Associates physicians by calling (203) 573-1435 or visiting their website here.

Need Behavioral Health and Addictions Services support contacts can be found on our website.

Information to Keep You Safe


Hear from our doctors about measures we’ve taken to keep you healthy and safe: