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Health Equity Council

WaterburyHEALTH Equity Council (WHEC or “Council”) is a work group of healthcare subject matter experts and stakeholders who advocate for equity of historically underserved communities. The Council is overseen by the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Committee (DEIB) in conjunction with the Performance Improvement & Quality Department (PI). 

The World Health Organization (WHO) states that health is a human right and equity is the absence of unfair, avoidable or remediable differences among groups of people, whether those groups are defined socially, economically, demographically, or geographically or by other dimensions of inequality (e.g. sex, gender, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation). The WHO further states that health equity is achieved when everyone can attain their full potential for health and well-being. 

With that in consideration, the Council will convene to evaluate the delivery of healthcare services for All, with a focus on the underserved populations, including allocation of resources and personnel practices, and recommend strategies for improvement where gaps are identified.

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