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Prenatal Childbirth Classes - Virtual Class via Microsoft Teams

This one-day "virtual" childbirth course provides evidence-based information in a fun, relaxed environment. We will walk through the process of labor and birth in a way that increases confidence and lessens anxiety about the birthing process. Topics include when to go to the hospital, labor coping techniques (breathing, relaxation, positioning, massage, etc.), the role of the partner, medical interventions, medications, cesarean birth and care of the newborn. This class is designed to help couples feel ready and excited for this life-changing event.

These classes are FREE of charge.

Time/Day:  Varied - Dates and times are listed on the registration form

Location: This is a virtual class using Microsoft Teams.


Instructions: Dress comfortably and use a yoga mat if you have one.

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Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes - Virtual Class via Microsoft Teams

Our prenatal breastfeeding class is taught by Michelle, our RN lactation consultant and is a two-hour program that introduces the basics of breastfeeding and prepares the expectant parents for a healthy and happy breastfeeding relationship with their baby. Topics include: the benefits of breastfeeding, how breastfeeding works, latch­ing on, positioning and signs that baby is getting enough. Partners are welcome to attend.

Time/Day: 6 pm to 8 pm, Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

Location: This is a virtual class via Microsoft Teams

Questions:  - 203-573-7697

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Newborn Classes - Virtual Class via Microsoft Teams

Time/Day: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm, Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month

Location: This is a virtual class via Microsoft Teams

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Post-Birth Survive and Thrive

This virtual post-birth course is taught by Bree Grealis, MSN, Nurse-Midwife and Lactation Consultant.  The objective of this course is to help the caregiver care for themselves!  We discuss how to get more sleep with a baby/other children in the house, how to carve out time in the day for self-care, financial deals to take advantage of as a parent, and some months will have guest speakers who will discuss a topic related to self-care or how to combat the struggles of parenthood.  This class is meant to be different every month.  Parents are encouraged to attend more than once!

Time/Day: 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm the last Friday of the month

Location: This is a virtual class via Microsoft Teams


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About our instructors

“Our goal is to facilitate a fun, interactive and personalized class based on each family’s goals for their birth experience. This goal stems from deep connections built during our own childbirth classes where friendships were made and play­groups formed all from families learning together at the same stage of life. We aim to provide a safe and encouraging environment, where becoming comfortable with the unexpected is the result.”

Michelle Jose is an RN and Lactaction Consultant at Waterbury Hospital.

Bree Grealis is a Certified Nurse-Midwife and a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). She loves helping families prepare for the toughest job we ever love: parenthood. Bree has two chil­dren of her own and has been participating in labor/birth and postpartum care of moms and babies for 20 years. She brings her experience and love for the expectant family into her classes and wants to help people grow their families feeling strong and confident.

Jessica Perrault is a labor and delivery nurse at Waterbury Hospital and a certified childbirth educator. Having three children of her own, she likes to empower parents by providing them with insight and knowledge regarding what to expect. She has earned a Master of public health degree from Southern CT State University and a Master of science in nursing with a specialization in nursing management and executive leadership. In her free time she enjoys traveling with her family and cooking.