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Nichole Chouinard


What sets Nichole apart is her patience and kindness with patients and family members.

One woman was so touched by the care Nichole, telemetry nurse, provided not just for her husband but also for her. Her husband had come to the hospital with broken ribs and dementia which seemed to get worse in the unfamiliar surroundings of a hospital. Nichole was able to take great care of her patient and she took time to explain to his wife about her husband’s care and to educate her about dementia. When the wife left to take a break, she felt comfortable and assured that her husband was in great hands.

“I’m very grateful for Nichole’s exceptional empathy,” wrote the patient's wife.

Another family member with 30 years in the medical profession said she had a lot of questions when her brother was hospitalized. The woman said she was‘grateful for her answers and patience’ and the ‘caring and professional manor’ Nichole conducts herself.

“Many thanks for your kindness and professionalism,” the woman wrote.

In her years as nurse Nichole has touched many more lives of patients and their family members. Nichole is a Daisy Award for Extraordinary Nurses Winner and she was nominated by her patients.